The Truth About Love and Lies - Audiobook
The Truth About Love and Lies - Audiobook

The Truth About Love and Lies - Audiobook

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The Truth About Love and Lies

"Wow!! I started listening to this audiobook in my car, and when I got home, I sat in the driveway for another hour and a half until I finished it. This is the most powerful stuff I've ever heard."

Greg has conducted Real Love seminars all across the country. This audiobook summarizes these seminars, including:

Disc One—The Truth About Unconditional Love

  • Why Real Love is the one thing we need more than anything else in order to feel genuinely happy
  • What we use—Imitation Love—to temporarily dull the emptiness, fear, and pain of insufficient Real Love in our lives
  • The simple and effective steps we can all take to find the Real Love that leads to genuine happiness and fulfilling relationships

Disc Two—The Truth About Anger

  • Why disappointment and anger are always selfish, destructive, and therefore "wrong"
  • What we can do to eliminate anger, not just manage or control it
  • Why we feel locked into reacting to people and things around us with behaviors that bring unhappiness to ourselves and others

Disc Three—The Truth About Truth-telling and Loving Groups

  • Practical things you can say as you begin to tell the truth about yourself
  • How to find the people capable of loving you
  • How to create Loving Groups where you can greatly increase your opportunities to find and share Real Love

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