The Pearls of Real Love - 54 Card Deck

The Pearls of Real Love - 54 Card Deck

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The Pearls of Real Love - 54 Card Deck

“My son made paper fortune tellers and printed the Real Love Pearls on the flaps.”

Ann Haag, Bismarck, ND

Now you can have the key principles of Real Love with you everywhere you go, in a convenient and useful way. We've distilled the principles of Real Love into these 54 Pearls of Real Love, printed on high-quality playing cards that you can:

  • Carry with you as a set or individually in your purse, wallet, or car
  • Keep with you at work
  • Keep by the phone as you talk to people about the principles of Real Love
  • Use in Real Love Groups as a handy reminder of the principles that will most effectively guide discussions

As you read these powerful principles every day, they will begin to shape your thoughts and behavior and bring you the happiness and fulfilling relationships you've always wanted.

Each card is the size of a standard playing card, with text and a beautiful background on one side and the Real Love logo on the other side.

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