Real Love in the Workplace - Kindle Edition
Real Love in the Workplace - Kindle Edition

Real Love in the Workplace - Kindle Edition

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Real Love in the Workplace:
Eight Principles for Consistently Effective Leadership in Business

“This is the ultimate key to business success! If you want a retail staff that greets and serves with enthusiasm—if you want people who glow—Real Love in the Workplace will get you there.”
Tony Hsu, Senior Manager, Nokia Academy Global, Shanghai, China

In the vast majority of businesses, the expression “People are our most important asset” is little more than a plaque on the wall. The organizations that have actually put this principle to work, however, have demonstrated a consistent advantage over their competitors in the areas of employee retention, innovation, productivity, and profitability. Management experts are finally realizing that the development of “human resources” will be the key to business success in the foreseeable future, and in the words of one reader, Real Love in the Workplace is the only book that explains what every person in the workplace needs most, as well as what we can do to provide it.”

We’re all instinctively aware that every human being has a primal need for love, but most of us fail to realize that this need continues into the workplace for every manager, direct report, CEO, vendor, consultant, board member, co-worker, and customer. If we don’t address that primal need, all our attempts to optimize business indicators—productivity and profitability, for example—will be frustrated to a significant degree. If we do address that uniquely human need—if we do what’s necessary to produce happy employees, managers, and customers—profits will naturally follow.

In Real Love in the Workplace, you will learn:

  • how to become the kind of leader people will want to follow.
  • how to create customers who are not just satisfied but eager to stay with your company.
  • how to create a work environment where employees are communicative, creative, cooperative, and happy.
  • how to eliminate—not just manage—conflict in the workplace.
  • how to correct behaviors in a way that people will be eager to hear it.

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