Real Love in Parenting - Kindle Edition

Real Love in Parenting - Kindle Edition

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Real Love in Parenting:
Nine Simple and Powerfully Effective Principles for Raising Happy and Responsible Children

"Profound, provocative, written with great wisdom and compassion. After reading this book, I will never feel confused about my children again."

Despite our best intentions, most of us are woefully unprepared to become parents. In Real Love in Parenting, you'll learn the answers to the questions below, and you'll discover that parenting can be deeply rewarding, instead of tedious and frustrating.

  • Why are children so often angry, rebellious, disobedient, and otherwise difficult?
  • What is the real reason you get angry at your children?
  • How can you teach your children to be loving, responsible, and happy?
  • What should you teach your children about sex?
  • What are your children trying to tell you (and why you're not hearing it)?
  • What should you do when children quarrel with one another?

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