Real Love Companion - Kindle Edition

Real Love Companion - Kindle Edition

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Real Love Companion: Taking Steps Toward a Loving and Happy Life

Reading Real Love: The Truth About Finding Unconditional Love and Fulfilling Relationships is much more than an intellectual exercise. The principles become far more powerful when you can see how they explain your own feelings and behaviors, and when you can see how you can make wiser choices in the future.

It is the purpose of the Companion to:

  • Amplify and add to the principles found in Real Love
  • Teach you how to change your own reactions and behaviors
  • Help you discuss Real Love more effectively with a friend
  • Help you create the life-giving opportunities you need to actually feel Real Love
  • Facilitate the discussions in a group of wise men and women

Everyone who reads Real Love will benefit enormously from the practical applications found by reading the Companion.

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